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There are many things to consider before buying radio controlled aeroplanes. If you are just starting out, this can be an exciting and rewarding hobby, but it can also get expensive. New hobbyists often don't really know what they are looking for when it comes to purchasing them, and often times they think that they can just go out and fly their plane right away. It isn't like other radio controlled vehicles and this can result in crashing, and radio controlled aeroplanes are expensive to replace.

Here are some valuable tips when buying your radio controlled aeroplanes. One of them is that planes come in two different styles of propulsion, the electric model, and gas powered. Your electric models run off of a battery pack, and these are probably the best for beginners, since all you have to do is keep the battery pack charged and there are not as many moving parts to deal with. Gas powered models require a fuel mixture, and in some cases you may have to mix the fuel yourself. Gas powered models are also equipped with glow plugs, which have to be warmed up before use, otherwise they can be easily damaged.

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Another thing to consider when wanting to have radio controlled aeroplanes as a hobby is that you should get some basic instructions before your first flight. There are many quality RC Aeroplane clubs, and the experts here will be glad to help you out, for little or no money. Many would rather make sure that you are totally knowledgeable in the art of radio controlled flight than make money, because they want you to really get the most out of your experiences. They can help you in a variety of different ways, from proper take off and landings, to achieving a turning radius so your plane doesn't stall out and crash to the ground. They can help you find the right area to fly in, as well as the most optimum weather conditions. One of the things they will tell you is that in order to take off properly, you need to take off into the wind, to achieve proper lift.