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Inside school these kids are hands-on and tactile. They love to experiment and tinker. They learn about flight by making paper aeroplanes and flying them through their classrooms. They'll adjust the nose, tail and wings to make it fly longer.

They learn about human behaviour by watching the reactions of classmates as the aeroplanes fly. They'll notice that some people will react differently. Mates will love it and most likely laugh. Others will cringe and roll their eyes.

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They learn about limits when the teacher keeps them after class for flying paper aeroplanes in the wrong place at the wrong time. They'll adjust their behavior to avoid being kept in. But if the pay-off is big enough in terms of getting a reaction from peers, they may choose to continue flying paper aeroplanes in class instead. The pay-off is worth the risk of being caught!!

These trial and error kids learn many of their life lessons through experience. They will test the boundaries parents set, and ignore their well-meaning advice. These are the young adults who'll take their time settling down, perhaps travelling overseas to get some experiences before deciding the path they choose.