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Walter Herschel Beech did not get success without struggling a lot. An avid aviator since childhood, Beech always wanted to fly and he was able to achieve his aim soon in his career when he worked with the Curtiss Airplane Company and flew airplanes for them. Then he joined the Army and further refined his lying skills there. After his discharge from the army, Mr. Beech worked in a few other aircraft companies. This was when he decided to start his maiden venture.

Together with an aviator named Lloyd Stearman, and an aircraft engineer named Clyde Cessna, he started what was then called as the Travel Air Company. The aircrafts that the Travel Air Company built over the years were widely appreciated and received accolades from one and all. They also participated in numerous flying competitions and won. The Travel Air company aircrafts had Curtiss Wright engines and they were valued partners. This partnership was going to be a long and fruitful one for both partners.

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Just before the recession started, the Travel Air Company was merged in to the Curtiss Wright Company and this led to Mr. Beech becoming the president of the company. But the depression had not left many contracts for the company and soon Mr. Beech started working on another venture of his own. He then developed the Model 17 aircraft which was a superb five seat sedan that had a top speed of 200 miles an hour.

When the recession ended, the demand for aircrafts picked up and the newly started Beech Aircraft Corporation also become a favorite amongst consumers. The Staggerwing, as the new model 17 was called became such a favorite amongst consumers that its models were sold in large quantities during those days. The Beech aircraft company has since then been producing some of the best aircrafts for America. Not only then, their air planes are still flying all around the world in as good condition and they are still available for sale on the internet too.